"I've learned that

people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did, but

people will never forget

how you made them feel."                        

                                                                                                  Maya Angelou

World Medicine

  • blends the best of Western Medicine, Native American Medicine, Ayruveda Medicine, and Chinese Medicine, and then individualizes it for the best of the client
  • respects the wisdom of ancient and traditional healing arts in the applications of modern and innovative medicine
  • is inclusive
  • includes individualized client education as an essential foundation for change

"World Medicine is Whole Medicine"

"Precision Medicine is Personalized Medicine"

  • every client is a unique, individual human being, with her/his unique genetic makeup, environmental background, series of life experiences, strengths and weaknesses.
  • behind every malady there lies a story that can provide context, meaning and understanding.
  • all clients don't respond (the same) to treatments and interventions,but we have many approaches available such as Western Medicine, Native American Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ayruvedic Medicine etc.
  • the best clinical outcomes occur when lifestyle and medical recommendations are customized to the individual.

The body is to nature as a violin is to an orchestra. The strings are to a violin as the organs are to the body. For the orchestra to play in harmony all the instruments must be tuned to each other. If a single instrument is out of tune, the whole sound is  dissonance rather than harmony.

​                                                                                                                            Beinfield & Korngold