"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

                                               Frank A. Clark

"Real Health is more than the Absence of Disease"

Real Health is

  • the minimization of preventable disease risk factors and the optimization of one's current health potential

  • individual empowerment with the knowledge, skills and tools to control one's own health destiny

  • the body, mind, spirit, and one's environment working in harmony

  • making the most out of life and who we can become: we call it "Life Full Throttle"

Real Health, Real Living

Imagine a day personally devoted to you and all that makes you You! Your consultation includes a thorough physical examination, comprehensive blood analysis, in-depth lifestyle assessment, and biomarker measurements of your physical performance. Once completed you will have your starting point and a final destination; and what you do between those two mile markers determines your health..... and your life.

You will quickly experience renewed vitality with your customized, physician-supervised lifestyle and wellness program. Dr. Arellano will guide you through your personal transformation

with bioidentical hormone replenishment therapy, thorough nutrition

counseling, individualize nutritional supplementation, exercise and

needs and aspirations, so no two programs are exactly alike.  

Your long- life success is assured with ongoing personal

guidance, monitoring, and

clinical coaching.

While you cannot go back to the starting line,

you can start today to make a new finish line.