Monthly speakers & programs on topics such as nutrition, cooking healthy, exercise, meditation, Tantra, yoga & music performances

Fitness & Exercise

Ayruvedic medicine, Native American medicine

Chinese Botanicals

Optimum nutritional lifestyle

Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation

Gitali Institute World Medicine, Real Health & Natural Beauty Services

Quarterly goal retreats with Gitali Institute staff.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

The Uplifting Solution for Sagging Skin - Ultherapy - Learn more at or call for your free consultation

Stress-response management

 Warren Zhao, DC, Studied also in China and France

Individual Coolsculpting Treatment Plans - Learn more at or call for your free consultation 

Gitali Institute offers Physician only treatments for fine lines with Botulinum toxin type A and fillers for deeper lines, cheeks and lips.

Lifestyle and disease-risk modification