What is "natural hormone replacement?

Natural hormone replacement means using hormones that are biologically identically identical to what the body makes. In other words, there hormones are the same chemical structure as the ones that the body made before menopause.

Customized natural hormonal therapy is the only way to replace hormones safely

One size does not fit all. Studies have shown that women who use hormone replacement live longer than those who do not.

A woman's hormonal response is as unique to her as her fingerprints

How she may respond to Bio-Identical hormone replacement is related to her genetic profile, stress level, condition of her health, her environment, nutritional supplementation, and what she eats.

Bio-Identical hormone replacement should not be considered without a through understanding of how all of the body's hormones interact with each other.

Five Reasons to Consider Bio-Identical hormone replacement

  • Relief of menopausal symptoms

  • prevention of memory loss

  • heart health

  • bone production (prevention of osteoporosis)

  • growth and repair 

Female Endocrinology (Hormones that regulate "growth and repair")

  • Insulin

  • Growth hormone

  • Testosterone

  • Estrogen

  • ​DHEA