"Natural Beauty Radiates Natural Vitality"

  • Our skin reflects the state of our health and wellbeing on the inside
  • As our first line of defense against the slings and arrows of a harsh world, our largest organ is subject to ongoing damage
  • Skin can be rejuvenated and enhanced by appropriately addressing the internal and external root causes of decline

"World Medicine is Whole Medicine"

  • World Medicine, blends the best of Western, Native American, Ayruvedic and Chinese medicine, and then individualizes it for the best of the client.
  • respects the wisdom of ancient and traditional healing arts in the applications of modern and innovative medicine
  • is inclusive
  • includes individualized client education as an essential foundation for change

"Real Health is more than the Absence of Disease"

  • the minimization of preventable disease risk factors and the optimization of one's current health potential
  • individual empowerment with the knowledge, skill and tools to control one's own health destiny
  • the body, mind , spirit, and one's environment working in harmony
  • making the most out of life and who we can become: we call it 'Full Throttle Health'

"Growing old is inevitable. Aging is optional."

  • Most ageing-related decline can be ameliorated or prevented
  • Aging has been described as a "risk factor" for various diseases. Some consider aging the "cause" of age-related diseases, although this does not explain why such diseases do not develop in everyone, nor why different individuals get different diseases. While aging (i.e., becoming chronologically old) is inevitable, age-related diseases are not.